A Celebration of Our Interdependence with Nature
Paintings by Rae Goddard

30th May-20th July 2024at E17 Art House

Journey through Walthamstow, a vibrant corner of London, for an exhibition bursting with colour and life! The exhibition takes you on a visual exploration of the remarkable ways humans and nature coexist in this built-up environment.Bold and bright artworks transform familiar Walthamstow spaces, reminding us of the natural world that persists even within the urban jungle. Playful paintings depicting the vital role of pollinators and captivating illustrations that showcase the resilience of urban wildlife, this exhibition is a celebration of our profound connection with the natural world.

Rae has been making artwork in the borough of Waltham Forest for over eight years. She is fascinated by the natural world and our role within it, painting through a surreal lens. She uses a mixture of high quality watercolour paints and gouache, on archival paper. Her process involves upcycling old powder palettes and cigarette tins to use as travel palettes, then carefully selecting a colour palette for her collections. In her day to day life she live illustrates lectures and translates white papers into illustrations.

The gallery is open Wednesday- Saturday 10am-6pm
And additionally during the E17 Art Trail Festival:
Sunday 9th June 11am-3pm
Sunday 16th June 11am-3pm


"Great advice, friendly service and excellent quality framing. A must for locals and East Londoners. Good selection of greetings cards too."

Michelle G


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Inconvenience Store at E17 Art House

Inconvenience Store at E17 Art House

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