With a wide range of beautiful frames, UV-filtering and anti-reflection glasses, and archival mount-cards, we offer a creative approach to presenting and preserving your art.

We frame a variety of artwork types including:

  • Posters
  • Photographs
  • Limited-edition prints
  • Oil paintings
  • Watercolours
  • Textiles
  • Batik
  • Papyrus
  • Medals and memorabilia

Framing services include:

  • Box framing
  • Canvas stretching
  • Tray/floater frames (for canvases)
  • Acid-Free Dry Mounting
  • Anti-UV and Low-Reflection glasses
  • Conservation Mounting
  • Re-glazing
  • Mirrors

A well-framed picture should not only look great but also be protected by the materials used in framing it. E17 Art House uses Conservation framing methods and suitable materials which provide protection to pictures, avoiding potential damage, and helping to extend the life of the piece.


From modern simplicity, to the wonderfully ornate, E17 Art House picture framers offer a wide range of frames, including hand-stained and finished woods, suitable for box frames, canvas frames and mirrors. We will always advise you on the best options for your picture. We also use woods from sustainable sources, grown and milled in the UK.


A picture is often best presented by adding a mount card around it, however, air pollution, and acids in standard wood-pulp mount-cards that many framers still use, can cause discolouration and ageing. The Conservation white-core, and cotton Museum mount-cards we use are not only the best quality acid-free boards, (they will not fade or turn brown), but more importantly, they actually trap and neutralise airborne pollutants and acids, protecting artwork from deterioration and ageing.


We will NEVER use brown tape, masking tape or acidic glues to attach your picture inside the frame. These can cause permanent damage to a picture, staining paper and becoming difficult or even impossible to remove. Framers and print sellers still use non acid-free adhesives to cut costs, even with valuable pictures. We only use archival, reversible tapes and adhesives. Pictures will usually be ‘hinged’ to the archival back mount, along the top edge only, as restriction of paper movement can be detrimental.


For pictures that would benefit from being completely flattened, like posters, badly creased paper and some photos, we offer a drymounting service; sticking the piece on to an acid-free board. The artwork can also be safely removed at a later stage. (However we would still not recommend this for valuable artwork which should be hung naturally within a frame with an archival backing card).

There are many types of glazing available, with different benefits:

Non-reflective glass:

This is a diffused glass which cuts out reflection. It looks fine placed directly on top of artwork, but add a window mount or space under the glass, and the image appears fuzzy.


This is a great glass! It is completely transparent AND 99% non-reflective but without the fuzziness of old-style non-reflective glass. When viewed in a normal way it’s as good as invisible. Especially good for colourful pictures where the colours will be dulled down by the tint and reflection in standard glass, and for predominantly dark images which can become mirror-like when framed with standard glass. This glass is also available with a UV filter.

UV Filtering glass:

Light exposure can have a significant effect on paper condition and pigments. The harmful effects of light can be reduced by using ultra violet filtering glass or acrylic. We have several to choose from and can advise you whether it is worth considering.

Perspex and Acrylic:

For framing large pictures when glass may be too dangerous, or for circumstances where there is a worry about glass breakage eg. for public spaces or children’s rooms, we offer acrylic (perspex scratches extremely easily). Non-reflective and UV filtering acrylic is also available.

If you would like picture framing advice, framing quotes or other information about E17 Art House please phone us on 020 8509 8211.


"Great advice, friendly service and excellent quality framing. A must for locals and East Londoners. Good selection of greetings cards too."

Michelle G


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Inconvenience Store at E17 Art House

Inconvenience Store at E17 Art House

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